Hold My Juice Box: Astronomy Day with AMOS, March 24th


Back by popular demand…the Asheville Museum of Science will bring the dome of the night sky to the Event Center!

Explore the night sky with AMOS educators inside their largest inflatable planetarium! In this family friends investigation you will learn about the constellations, why stars are different colors, and even hear stories told by communities long ago.

Kids will interact with the phases of the moon through kinesthetic exploration, study the stars with constellation crafts, and experience the sun in a new way with AMOS’ solar viewer.

Due to the limited space of the inflatable planetarium, this will be a ticketed event with sessions beginning each half hour. Admission to each session is the $5 (inclusive of fees) for anyone ages 3 and up. Please note that the interior of the dome is dark, so we recommend this event for kids 5+ and adults. Each session will be limited to 30 ticket holders at a time.

There will also be face painting and more!

Please purchase your ticket from our webstore ahead of time, so that you can be sure to reserve a spot to view the wonders of the galaxy and beyond!

- Hold My Juice Box! events are family friendly with a focus on activities for kids 12 and under. These are not “drop-off” events. Parents must accompany children to the events and supervise them at all times inside the event area.


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