Highland was built by our community and because of community support, we are emerging stronger now.

Back in March when we assessed that we would not have to stop production or lay off any staff, our thoughts immediately turned outward. We knew how hard the hospitality industry was hit as a result of this pandemic, so we came together to find ways that we could best help.

Hospitality at its core is a showing of generosity and goodwill

Give Back with Gaelic launched in September as a charitable campaign to honor the core of hospitality and show care for the bar and restaurant people who have supported us for over two decades.

With help from our distribution partners, we identified 12 charitable organizations whose work supports people in the hospitality industry. We will donate a portion of proceeds from every bottle, can, and keg of Gaelic Ale sold now through to the end of the year.

Thank you to our distribution partners who are matching our donations and giving back with us!