Cold Mountain is nearly here! This legendary spiced ale makes its return on Thursday, November 8th at the brewery and in retail accounts on Monday, November 12th.

Cold Mountain season kicks off with a three day long celebration at the brewery where you have the chance to lay claim on bottles of this beloved beer. The party begins Thursday morning with a line forming in the early hours by those die-hard fans who stake out their spot to be the first few who take home that year’s Cold Mountain. The party continues into the night with live music and ever-flowing beer. Along with Cold Mountain, there will also be Imperial Cold Mountain, barrel-aged Cold Mountain, Coconut Cold Mountain, and over 20 other variants pouring throughout the evening. 

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 If you can’t make it out to the brewery that weekend, there is no need to worry. Cold Mountain hits store shelves and bar taps on Monday, November 12th. Check in with your favorite retailer to see what time they will be putting out their allotment of Cold Mountain so that that you don’t miss out!

About Cold Mountain

Originally brewed in 1996, Cold Mountain was Asheville’s first seasonal beer and its release marks the beginning of the holiday season for many in Western North Carolina.

Every year our team decides on a secret blend of spices to go into Cold Mountain, which means that Cold Mountain is never the same twice. Notes of vanilla, hazelnut, spices, and dark fruit vary each year in terms of intensity, but the end result is always a beer that is a comforting reminder of winter evenings spent indoors surrounded by friends and family.