Berryful Vibrant Fruited Ale Debuts for Spring

ASHEVILLE, NC — North Carolina’s largest native brewer is announcing the release of Berryful – a fruited ale with tart blueberries. It is the latest addition to the brewery’s seasonal lineup and is available now in 6-packs across Highland’s Southeastern distribution footprint.

Shane Cummings, Highland’s Innovation Brewing Manager said, “Berryful is a clean and tart blueberry fruited ale. We highlight this beer with an abundance of blueberries to saturate the palate with ripe blueberry notes. Wine-like and succinct.”

At 5% ABV, Berryful is refreshing for spring with a bright and fruity flavor. The beer was made with pilsner malt and white wheat with Apollo hops. These ingredients create a foundation for the blueberry flavor and color to shine.

Highland’s seasonal lineup features four rotating beers including classics like Clawhammer Oktoberfest and two new additions that will be announced later this year.

Berryful is available at the brewery and at retail stores throughout the Southeast until June. To learn more about Highland’s newest brew, please visit



Highland Brewing was founded in 1994 by retired engineer and entrepreneur Oscar Wong, establishing it as the pioneer of Asheville, NC’s now booming craft beer industry. Proudly regional, Highland’s beers are distributed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Highland is committed to quality and sustainability, boasting the sixth-largest solar array in an American craft brewery. Today, the company is led by Wong’s daughter, Leah Wong Ashburn, and serves as the largest independent, family-owned, and operated brewery native to the Southeast. Located in a rehabilitated manufacturing facility in East Asheville, the brewery affords space for visitors to enjoy limited-release beers, walking trails, volleyball courts, and live music. For more information, visit Follow Highland on Twitter at @HighlandBrews and Instagram at @HighlandBrewing. Become a fan on Facebook at