A Modern Brewpub’s Quality Control Program

11.21.2016 mollym
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A Modern Brewpub’s Quality Control Program
by Dana Garves

Eric Jorgenson, Quality Control at Highland Brewing Company located in Asheville, NC.Many brewpubs are eager to implement quality control, but are hesitant for a number of reasons. The main concern is that quality control (QC) is too expensive for a brewpub budget. This is a common misconception; in the technological age, scientific equipment is available at affordable prices. Some believe QC is an overwhelming program to establish, despite manageable execution. My aim is to demonstrate that quality control a) is affordable, b) allows brewers to brew better, more consistent beer, and c) ultimately saves...

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Our “Nouveau German” Pilsner Reviewed by Paste Magazine (June 21, 2016)

06.22.2016 RStockdale
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Paste Magazine reviewed 62 American and European pilsners and enjoyed the international/American recipe mash up and the complexity of Highland Pilsner.

“You could sort of call it a “nouveau German” pilsner, as it’s made with a blend of German hop varietals—but they’re mostly the new varieties such as Hallertauer Blanc that are bridging the gap between what we think of as American and “continental” hop profiles. Regardless, you’re left with a nose that is both floral and fruity, complemented by light, crisp malt. It’s a pleasantly hoppy German-style pilsner with a nice degree of...

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