Daycation IPA

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Highland to Release New Year-Round Low ABV IPA, Daycation IPA

Daycation IPA from Highland Brewing Company located in Asheville, NC.Asheville, NC – Some of the best vacation days are unplanned – snow days, being a tourist in your own town, or a spontaneous day trip. Relish the unscheduled time with Daycation IPA, Highland’s portfolio linchpin and, at 4.9% ABV, the potential for any day to be a Daycation.

Beyond the name, creating the right low-gravity IPA came with months of targeted recipe trials. Daycation is a small beer with a big grist bill, because the desired balance and body is a harmony of six different malts. “It’s hard to make a beer this...

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Southern Sixer IPA

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Highland to Release First New Seasonal of 2017, Southern Sixer IPA
Highland Brewing Company releases a brand new seasonal in March of 2017, the Southern Sixer IPA.

Asheville, NC – With six hop varieties, 6% ABV, and 60 IBUs, Highland’s new seasonal, Southern Sixer IPA, will have hop fiends grabbing another six-pack. Great hops and a deep dive into sensory panels and dry hop trials led this complex IPA to its final form.

Brewmaster Hollie Stephenson explains her favorite part of this hop-forward beer, “I am excited about Southern Sixer because the bulk of the hops we are using, Equinox now rebranded as Ekuanot™, have never been used in a Highland beer before. Ekuanot™ and...

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A Modern Brewpub’s Quality Control Program

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A Modern Brewpub’s Quality Control Program
by Dana Garves

Eric Jorgenson, Quality Control at Highland Brewing Company located in Asheville, NC.Many brewpubs are eager to implement quality control, but are hesitant for a number of reasons. The main concern is that quality control (QC) is too expensive for a brewpub budget. This is a common misconception; in the technological age, scientific equipment is available at affordable prices. Some believe QC is an overwhelming program to establish, despite manageable execution. My aim is to demonstrate that quality control a) is affordable, b) allows brewers to brew better, more consistent beer, and c) ultimately saves...

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