Zip the Hippo

Location:Highland Brewing Tasting Room
Friday, April 4 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Tasting Room Hours:Open 4-9pm; Music 6:30-8:30pm FREE
Food Truck:The Lowdown
Music Style:Americana/Fusion Rock

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Once upon a time we all figured out that we really love music, and that home made music was way better than the McMusic cranked out by the machine...some things happened at different times and to different people some of whom we don't even know...later we all started meeting at the same house every wednesday to drink and smoke.... soon it was thursdays and sundays, we kept forgetting to buy beer and eventually everyone quits smoking, so we had to write and play more to fill out the extra time. Our friend who owns a restaurant would book us everytime a real band would cancel...and we decided we should put some small effort into finding a band name.... 10 seconds later 48 Madison was born! and a few years later Zip The Hippo. we heard Facebook existed inside a series of tubes called "the internet"? and that it was a good way to connect with music far we haven't really seen a lot of musicians or bands here...oh well maybe it will become more popular soon? we'll see..

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