The Quickening

Location:Tasting Room
Friday, December 15 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Brewery Hours:12-10pm
Music Genre:Soul/Blues
Food Trucks:TBA

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Saturated in soul and marinated in the love of music comes The Quickening out of New Orleans, LA. After parting ways with the Flow Tribe in 2012, guitarist and songwriter Blake Quick has assembled a panel of musicians that have enhanced the meaning of "feel good music." Prepare to be blown away by the luscious vocal pairings between the stunning Rachel "Mama Ray" Murray and Quick. The two have a chemistry that boils with excitement and defies the term "frontman" into one cohesive partnership. The rhythm section, coupled by Al Small on bass and Jeff Jani on drums, seem to have a marriage to the groove that Quick lays down. The secret weapon of the band is the fluid steel guitar playing by the one and only Dave Easley; whose instrument drives the band through fearless improvisations. The rest of the band is a revolving door of sorts; always welcoming New Orleans' finest to the band by including their horns and various other woodwind and string instruments. The band has already made a huge impact in the New Orleans community and are eager to spread the word like butter across the US.

(Quick·en·ing): 1: to make alive; 2: to come to life; especially: to enter into a phase of active growth and development; 3: to shine more brightly The band has toured the southeast and southwest a number of times, and have played such esteemed venues in New Orleans as Tipitina’s, Maple Leaf, and Chickie Wah Wah, as well as the Bayou Boogaloo Music Festival and T-Bois Music Festival.

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