Location:The Meadow
Saturday, October 7 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Brewery Hours:12-10pm
Music Style:Rock'n'roll
Food Trucks:Amazing Pizza Co., Out of the Blue Peruvian Fusion Cuisine, and FoodStop

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"It is undeniable that Philadelphia has one of the brightest, young music scenes in the country. Standing right in the thick of it is a quartet of fun-loving, passionate, and crazy college boys. They call themselves RFA. Through high energy Rock n’ Roll music, the group is showing people what having a good time is all about. These four twenty-some things barely old enough to drink can already pack a room full of people and drive them wild with their potent combination of catchy melodies, infectious hooks and tight, yet raging instrumentals. The band has released two EPs and a new 2017 single, entitled “Suzie Lee” that will surely knock your socks off! RFA will make you laugh, they’ll make you think, but most importantly, they’ll leave you with a feeling – they’ll make you feel 19 and stupid again, and they’ll leave you begging for more."

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