People's Blues of Richmond

Location:Highland Brewing Company Tasting Room
Friday, March 22 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Tasting Room Hours:Open: 4:00pm-8:00pm Music: 6:00pm-8:00pm FREE

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PBR was born in a bright green room full of beer cans and cigarette butts that you could piss on from the edge of the James River. Tim Beavers and Matt Volkes, though raised in the same Richmond suburb, were infrequent acquaintances until they found one another in the same confusing struggle of city-life, college, and drugs. It took the suicide of a common best-friend to get the two into that shitty green room in the home they shared; but when they did, the feeling was instant. They were beaten, disoriented, unhappy, addicted, and dying to do something creative. They started practicing old blues songs and recycling old riffs and poems to create original material, jamming with whoever was interested.

While looking for a scene to fall into, they stumbled upon the open-mic at local Richmond landmark Emilio’s. They asked the house drummer, Raphael Katchinoff, to play a few tunes with them. He was a hired gun who would play his ass off with anyone who needed a drummer for the night. Tim and Matt fell in love and continued to come to Emilio’s every week with new covers and originals. It wasn’t long before Katchinoff was frequenting the shitty green house and adding his opinion to the ruckus. They started busking around the city, working on a demo, and playing whatever bars would take them based on nothing but a band member’s promise of an entertaining night. What really took off, though, were the house parties. The drunken and the disorderly all over Richmond started hearing about the energetic three piece that would play tirelessly all night for a bottle of cheap whiskey.

After they’d become well acquainted with the local police and a ridiculously fast-growing Richmond fan base they began branching out. They’ve been infiltrating more local scenes around colleges like JMU, Univ. of Tennessee, WVU, Univ. of Vermont, UVA, VT, etc.; playing popular Richmond bars and venues like The Camel, The National, The Hat Factory, and The Republic; and tearing and touring up the coast from New Orleans, to Savannah, to Philly, to NY. The People’s Blues of Richmond, almost three years young, will not stop. They cannot be stopped. These boys love what they do.

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