Kevin Maines and the Volts

Location:The Meadow
Saturday, May 27 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Tasting Room Hours:Open 12-10pm
Food Trucks:Grateful Roots, Appalachian Smoke BBQ, Ceci's Culinary Tour

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Raised in North Florida, where gospel and soul music lay as thick as the hot, humid air, Kevin Maines brings a youthful vibrancy to the classic southern R&B/Soul legacy. Kevin’s debut album, American Hustle, received praise for its creative writing, playing, and production, as well as the strong musical maturity rarely seen in debuts. From deep and dirty Duane Allman-esque slide guitar rockers to sweet gospel-inspired falsetto singing, Kevin Maines doesn’t just play in the southern soul traditions, he consumes and then gives them back bursting with his own unique twist. From gritty to ethereal, this music speaks for itself.

Kevin Maines and The Volts will release their second album in May 2017. Fans of Funkadelic, Son House, Ray Charles, and Black Crowes should take notice. Inspired by the never-ending creativity of Frank Zappa, this album moves past typical blues song formats and takes creative chances. Some musicians dig deep into tradition, while others are endlessly creative risk-takers; every now and then someone comes along that does both.  Kevin Maines is one of those unique individuals.

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