It's Snakes

Location:Tasting Room
Saturday, June 10 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Tasting Room Hours:12pm-10pm, Music 7pm-9pm
Food Trucks:The Grubbery Food Truck, El Querubin, Shakti Shiva
Music Styles:Garage Rock, Indie Rock

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It’s Snakes likes you to dance or a least tap your toes. The Charlotte quartet plays original rock and roll with a pinch of hillbilly and a dash of disco. Founding members Hope Nicholls and Aaron Pitkin, both Warren Wilson College alums, started the seminal alternative band Fetchin Bones in the late ’80’s, did Sugarsmack in the 90’s and Snagglepuss for the new millennium. This round, Hope is behind the drum kit, singing her heart out and banging the heck out of the skins, all while standing on one foot. Aaron is back on the guitar for the first time since the ‘Bones days; Greg Walsh of the Aqua-Lads and Darrin Gray of the Chalkies complete the gang with boss guitar and booming bass. Their first album, self-titled and produced by Charlotte’s own Chris Shinn, is available on iTunes, Spotify, and CD Baby. They plan to play until the taps run dry on June 10th and sincerely hope you will help them accomplish this feat of merriment. This will be their Asheville debut.

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