Christy Lynn Band

Location:Tasting Room
Saturday, December 16 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Brewery Hours:12-10pm
Music Genre:Appalachian Folk/Blues
Food Trucks:TBA

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Influenced by the stories of folk music, the deep sorrow of the blues, and the free feeling of country and Americana music, Christy Lynn Band is making a new sound they call their own. Hailing from the mountains of Western North Carolina they are debuting their new collection of songs that the duo wrote in 2017. Wild American Music writes “Christy’s voice alone is something you will never forget, but the band doesn’t stop there in their seemingly effortless attempt to be remembered. This is not your average two-piece band. Their sound is full of life and their songwriting is unique in its own right leaving no reason for the listener to walk away from this song craving anything else but to hear it again."

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