Biggz General, RedLyte and ARTIKaL

Location:Highland Brewing Tasting Room
Thursday, January 17 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Tasting Room Hours:Open; 4-8pm Music starts at 7:00 pm

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“The Greater things in life that you learn are never taught to you. It’s just the questions & Remarks that spark the greater thought in you”. Words from the next generation. BIGGZ GENERAL, Grandson of the HON. Robert Nesta Marley, is a thriving force amongst peers and positive voice for his generation. With inspirational lyrics and a Militant outlook On life, this soldier in Jah Army is on a mission to seek the truth, uphold the teaching of The King and promote oneness amongst his people.

“Youth don’t go astray, pre better days, steadfast on your feet aint got time to play dada say. Seek and you’ll find there is a will, Jah Jah way. Plant a seed one a day, prayer needed, one a day, Brother heed what I say. Natural is the mystic and what is it we fight for not a mystery, the truth and rights for Jah Jah pickney, the ink that the Government scripted.” - FREEDOM.

These sentiments are well reflected throughout his music, which focuses on empowering the mind of the weak, teaching oneness and self-reliance, while helping to mold the mind of future generations. The pulsating sound behind his words of wisdom is a thoughtful mix of “ dancehall, reggae, roots rock, jazz , ska, touching down in the rapper zone” . KINGSTOWN. He makes it known he has a fresh new recipe for success with his first musical contribution, a mixed tape appropriately titled SALUTE THE GENERAL. A Righteous medz as he uses every opportunity to show his lyrical prowess and style while speaking of truths & rights in songs like TAKE HEED, WARHORN, SOCIETY and ROUND MY WAY all reflect his militancy. His flow is undeniable and his music is not limited to one style. The future is promising for this hardworking Ghetto Youth as he looks forward to continue showcasing his talents on and off the stage. He will be working on his debut album with input from Veterans in the field as well as Up and Coming producers and artists.

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Fresh out of Florida, ARTIKaL Sound System is bringing a new vibe to the reggae masses. Since forming in early 2012 the group has been surging ahead and has recently completed their first studio recordings.

Released September 2, 2012 the self-titled EP contains six tracks featuring front man RedLyte as well as Biggz General (Bob Marley’s Grandson), and Camille Kaye. The EP is a genre bending collection rooted in reggae music with hints of Hip-hop, Dubstep, Dancehall, R&B, and even a Jimi Hendrix cover. The band plans to complete their first full-length album by early 2013.

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