POW! Ranked 43rd out of 176 Double/Imperial IPAs by Paste Magazine (October 2, 2017)

10.02.2017 RStockdale
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Highland Brewing's POW! Triple IPA was ranked 43rd out of 176 double/imperial IPAs sampled by the staff at Paste Magazine! 

Here's a sample of what they had to say about POW!:

"The most impressive aspect of this triple IPA from Highland is that in a blind tasting, not a single one of us pegged it as a triple IPA or 10%-plus ABV beer at all. That is some seriously well-hidden booze, and we should take a moment to give props to Highland Brewing Co. in general, which has really come forward as a good example of an older regional brewery (23 years old) that took a step back, assessed its IPA program, and worked to modernize it with great results. "

Click here for the full POW! review and the complete list of 176 IPAs from all over the USA.


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