Sales Director


FLSA Status: Exempt
Reports to: President
Location: Asheville, NC

Essential Job Functions

Sales Director – Highland Brewing Company

Department: Field and Retail Sales Departments

Reports to: Vice President of Sales / President

Leads & Manages: Retail and Field Sales Personnel

Date: January 1, 2021

Job Summary:


All in alignment with the HBC Vision, Mission and Values.

Build the Business

  • Provide a plan and execute plans for growth in market share, sales volume, and sales dollars that meet or exceed company goals
  • Direct, develop, and effectively manage effective pricing and price promotion spending. Ensure regular Cost and Profit analysis and PTR and PTC reviews are conducted to achieve full realization of HBC revenue. Ensure that the VP of Sales/President and Controller are provided with information needed to ensure that the latest HBC budget estimate reflects changes in pricing/promotions and brands. Keep Finance up to date on sales plans, trends, adjustments.
  • Integrate brand-pricing strategies into each market’s Individual Market-Share Achievement Plans (IMAP). Lead effective use of pricing, price promotion and SKU and package initiatives in collaboration with the President, Marketing Director, and Controller, as well as the Field Sales Team, and our distributor partners.
  • Mastery of pricing analysis: break-evens, payback, cannibalization, margins, competitive impact
  • Provide input for development of the company budget.
  • Mastery of sales analysis, opportunity identification
  • Work effectively with the VP of Sales/President, Marketing Director, Field Sales Team, and our distributor partners so that dynamic business plans are developed and executed effectively.
  • Focus on building a “Volunteer Army” of supporters across all departments at HBC.
  • Become an instrumental and joyfully trusted resource for our wholesalers and key accounts
  • Mastery of pitching, and coaching appropriate members of the sales team to pitch: ads, product features, display execution, target sku distribution, shelf placement, pricing, and display and promotion penetration.
  • Manage administrative tasks for Sales team to result in the highest performing sales team at the most integrated level with the rest of the company
  • Monitor and contribute to system improvements in inventory, out-of-stocks, product generations, and accurate forecasting.
  • Help develop and expand customer intimacy and teamwork across the organization
  • Focus on creation of a seamless Sales & Marketing – Marketing & Sales effort.
  • Help develop an environment that practices constructive discontent by consistently raising the bar on performance and that offers suggestions and solutions to uncovered opportunities.
  • Help build and execute an organizational plan that develops subordinates, anticipates turnover, identifies successors, and promotes employees based on results and potential which helps build bench strength
    • Establish, Direct, and Execute the market’s most effective CKSA program. This program includes high competency in: call ratio guidelines, pitch meetings with decision-makers at wholesale and top retail buyers
    • Serve as Top Chain Buyer contact
    • Key account contact… know and have a working relationship with 100% of HBC’s key accounts in our marketing area, buying and non-buying. Key accounts are classified as accounts that do the top 80% of industry volume and/or have volume potential or significant market influence.
    • Serve as top level Chain Manager contact for wholesalers
    • Keep accurate records to effectively communicate to HBC personnel and suppliers of program sales results, merchandising accomplishments, and executional priorities.
    • Develop and maintain an effective business relationship with HBC production personnel.
    • Ensure execution of sold: brand placements, ad features, pricing initiatives, point-of-sale placement, display activity, and cooler sets, etc.
    • Monitor chain execution to ensure that all ad features, pricing initiatives, and pre-sold brand/package displays are executed on time, to the Chain specs, and have proper p.o.s. and pricing.
    • Ensure that any support offered by HBC is properly billed back and reimbursed to distributors in a timely fashion.
    • Continually search for opportunities and corrections by monitoring competitive pricing and promotional activity.
    • Help develop, train, and implement a brand priority management program for each type and size of account for each distributor’s market’s IMAP.
    • Become the category management expert in the market. Either be category captain or develop a strong working relationship with the category captain.
    • Advise on calculated risks – new products, pricing, promotions, sales tools, incentives, investments
    • Develop and maintain the necessary internal control processes, records, forms, reports, etc. to guide sales and marketing efforts in key accounts.
    • Complete all required HBC and distributor paperwork accurately and on time.

Build the Results through Relationships

  • Develop customer intimacy for long-term business partnership with our customers.

Build the Organization

1. Leadership and Motivation

    1. Connect the sales team to the HBC vision, mission and values
    2. Exhibit work characteristics that set a high standard, encourage teamwork and open communication
    3. Develop leaders on the sales team
    4. Attract and retain the best sales talent and Highland culture fit
    5. Motivate and lead the sales team to outperform the competition

  1. Sales Execution

  • Advanced knowledge of beer marketing, sales, and distribution.
  • Advanced knowledge of general business:
    • strategic management skills
    • finance
    • sales and marketing program and promotion design/implementation
    • pricing/price promotion analysis
  • HBC policies, and state/local regulations governing the sale and marketing of alcoholic beverages.
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills.
  • Advanced knowledge of channel analysis and category management
  • High competence in navigating franchise law, contracts, and all legal aspects of wholesale/brewer relationship
  • Hiring, staffing, staff development issues and procedures



MBA or 10yrs experience in beer industry or industry similar to craft beer

Loves to sell Highland beer

Other duties as assigned.