In April, Highland kicked off a 20-beer, 20th anniversary series, revealed brew by brew until now. “The List” is here. Search for your favorite styles or discover a new one. Each beer is reason to celebrate, honor, or remember – here are a few...
Kelly’s Kolsch , #4 of 20, began as an experiment in three local breweries. Kelly sold grain to Highland and others years ago. Well respected and knowledgeable, he was invited to brew with Highland, French Broad and Green Man: one recipe, three brewmasters. The result was three unique beers – a testament to variances in brewers and breweries. Roslyn Red Rye IPA, #7 of 20, is a Highland/Green Man collaboration brewed by John Lyda and John Stuart. Roslyn, smartly chosen by Stuart, is the name of a chapel in Scotland, and serves as his tribute to Highland’s brand. Roslyn Chapel has more carvings of the Green Man than any other building in the world – a perfect fit.
Love Is In The Ale, #13 of 20, is a double IPA first brewed as a gift from family owner Leah Wong Ashburn to her groom on their wedding day in 2011, with a recipe created by John Lyda and Brian Cole, friend and homebrewer.

More about The List:
    •    10 archived recipes, 10 new creations
    •    3 collaborations
    •    4 available in WNC only
    •    4 others available in NC only
    •    4 “Big Batches” available in a collectible bottled series

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