Our Name in Lights!

Okay, maybe not in lights. More like Our Name in Print, but print lasts longer.

We're a brewery, not a PR firm. So if our beer is better than our banners, we still sleep well! Despite our lack of PR prowess, we have been mentioned and even awarded by several notable publications and groups. Some are our neighbors and others cover the nation. We are equally honored by all, because Asheville is our home and we want to make a difference here and on a larger scale. When a neighbor says "hey, we know everything about this area and Highland is doing (fill in activity here) really well," we hang on to that with our hearts. Then when we hear from fans nationwide, it's amazing that our name has made it that far. We're humbled by the request to have our beer in England, the Caribbean and Canada, but we're not quite ready to do that. In all honesty, it's REALLY cool to see a bottle of Gaelic when we open a great magazine, and know that people in California might see us in there, too.

If you see our name or our beer somewhere great, let us know! We might miss it. Too busy making the next great brew.

We are thrilled to have been included in the following publications and programs, and thank them for noticing us!

2014 NC Small Business of the Year

Welcome to Beer City, USA  Feb 28, 2012




“Adventure Road with Reynolds Wolf” Jan 28, 2012



"Best Breweries to Visit"  Jan 26, 2012


Drinking Made Easy with Zane Lamprey  Jan 16, 2012






How a Community Nurtures an Industry  Aug 22, 2011



North Carolina Now  Jan 27, 2011


Business North Carolina  June 2010
Award-winning Cover Story


USAirways Magazine  Sept 2009


Southern Living  July 2008